​​​​​Elizabeth Commandeur 

Professional Psychic Medium  

​​​​​​P: 780-399-2417,   E: elizabeth@psychicvisionreadings.ca

​​Elizabeth Commandeur is an experienced Professional Psychic Medium based in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Offering psychic medium readings since 2009 she has developed a large clientele which allows her to delve more deeply into her gift and explore her abilities on a full time basis. Her use of a natural heightened sixth sense and connection to the other side has progressed with time and experience.​

Following a path the universe has provided her, she graciously accepts her gift and shares it with all the open-minded individuals and spiritual enthusiasts she meets along her journey. Elizabeth has been tested by the Bellesprit Magazine team and provided insight as a Diamond Psychic Advisor. She is currently listed on the Best Psychic Directory and frequents as a guest host on a Blog Talk Radio program.

Elizabeth uses a process of meditation and automatic writing to connect to her client's energy. Psychic visions, information relating to loved ones who have crossed over including beloved pets and spiritual messages come through. Providing a new perspective, peace of mind and a deep level of awareness to clients across North America. Working with a high level of professionalism and a code of ethics, Elizabeth handles all readings with sensitivity and only provides messages for her client's highest good. 

(780) 399-2417, elizabeth@psychicvisionreadings.ca 

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