​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Elizabeth Commandeur 

"After seeking out many psychic mediums and the like, I have been very fortunate to come across Elizabeth. She pinpointed my current situation with accuracy as well as noted my past hardships and gave me messages from my past loved ones. I am very happy to finally found a true gift with a heart of gold. Thank you, for your gift, guidance and compassion."

~ Bethany McCain - Miami, Florida

Elizabeth first delved into the mysterious world of psychic readings when she began offering readings professionally at large local galas, parties and private functions in 2009. Her natural ability to connect to the other side and heightened sixth sense proved to be helpful among her close circle of family and friends for years prior. With a gentle nudge from a few Edmonton based Psychics and the universe, opportunities to provide readings on a professional level began knocking on her door frequently. Elizabeth's ability to connect to her client's energy with accurate details and valuable insight helped her to develop a large international clientele through word of mouth.

Tested by the Bellesprit Magazine team, Elizabeth provided insight as a Diamond Psychic Advisor. She has appeared as a guest host on a Blog Talk Radio program and gave live readings to listeners in North America. Currently she is providing private readings internationally and in person readings for special events and private functions in the Edmonton, AB area.

Elizabeth's readings have evolved over the last decade and her ability to connect has progressed. She now uses a process of meditation and automatic writing to connect to her client's energy, spirit guides, animal messengers and pets.

Psychic visions, detailed information relating to loved ones (human or animal) who have passed and spiritual messages come through. Handling all of her readings using sensitivity, a code of ethics and a high level of professionalism she only provides messages for her client's highest good.

Details and messages that provide comfort and peace. Information that help you connect to your loved one and recognize signs that they are around you.

Insight into your past, present and future for clarity and confidence in decision making at times of crossroads.

Email: elizabeth@psychicvisionreadings.ca

​​​​​​Psychic Medium in Edmonton, AB, Canada