​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Elizabeth Commandeur 

​​​​​​Psychic Medium in Edmonton, AB, Canada

Email: elizabeth@psychicvisionreadings.ca

Are Email Consultations as accurate as an In Person or Telephone Reading?

I use a special process of meditation and automatic writing to connect to my client's energy, spirit guides, animal messengers and pets. For me this is the most accurate way to deliver details and information because this is how I personally connect to energy and channel messages freely without distractions. This special process also validates that I am a true Psychic Medium as I am purely connecting through an energetic frequency.

Why don't you offer Telephone Readings anymore?

After working as a Professional Psychic Medium for over a decade I have fine tuned my services to maximize my availability to an international clientele and minimize scheduling conflicts. Email Consultations do not require you to juggle your busy schedule and you don't have to wait a long time for your reading. For the most part I am able to send you your reading within 1-2 days. Also, your entire reading is now accessible to you whenever you want to read it over for as long as you would like.

How much does it cost for you to offer readings at a party or special event?

I do not have a set price for groups, parties or special events. Every event is different and the requirements around length and number of readings is completely different. It is best for me to speak with the event coordinator to find out the special needs of the event and budget. I do my very best to meet your requirements and try to offer readings that fit a variety of budgets. Offering readings at special events adds such a unique and truly special element to the function, it is important that I deliver my service in a way that is best for the event.

How do you analyze dreams?

Dreams are a gateway to other realms, they can be a connection to the other side. Dreams have many layers of meaning and can shine a light on unresolved issues, premonitions, spiritual guidance and deep truths from within. I provide a Psychic evaluation of your dream with insight and perspective of the meanings and messages that you are receiving. I also offer suggestions for you to better understand your dreams, improve your sleep and some tools to expand your own ability to analyze your dreams.

Is there information that you can't or won't deliver and is there anyone you won't read for?

I do not have the ability to choose what information or messages come through during your reading. This is why I only charge a modest fee for a reading not thousands of dollars. I offer readings that connect with your higher self and only offer messages that come through for a higher good. I will not read for anyone that is using readings irresponsibly. I do not tolerate any abuse at any time. 

Can you guarantee that I will receive messages from a specific loved one who has passed?

I do not have the ability to choose who comes through in your reading. However over the last decade I have been very fortunate to make that connection the vast majority of the time with the individual my client is hoping to hear from.

Can you deliver messages to my loved one who has passed?

I am on the receiving end of messages coming through. I will provide you with ways that you can personally connect to your loved one and be receptive to their communication with you directly. I show you how to see signs that they are connected to you.

Additional Information:

All readings are provided for entertainment and personal wellness purposes only. Readings absolutely do not replace or substitute for any legal, medical, psychological, psychiatric, accounting or any other professional assessment, evaluation, advice or treatment. If you require services from any type of professional you must consult with the appropriate professional service provider. All information provided by or shared with Elizabeth Commandeur during a reading is kept completely confidential. Elizabeth Commandeur assumes absolutely no responsibility for any personal decisions made after receiving a reading and cannot be held liable for any actions made from personal interpretation of the reading.