HOW TO SCHEDULE: (Read Carefully)

1. Read my FAQ's page. By scheduling a reading you accept and agree to the information provided on this page.

2. Payment is required at time of booking and is non-refundable. Credit Card or PayPal payment through PayPal is accepted ONLY. 

3. Select an option from the drop down menu and click "Pay Now". 

4. You will then make your payment from the secure PayPal website. (You do not require a PayPal account)

5. After you send your payment, email your questions or dream for analysis to

6. You will receive an email which specifies when you will receive your reading, typically your reading is emailed to you within 24-48 hours (subject to availability).

For private readings I use a process of meditation and automatic writing. Your confidential consultation is emailed to you. These consultations are very in-depth and include all of the psychic visions, messages and detailed information that come through for you. The benefits of an email consultation are that you have your entire reading to save and refer to whenever you want to read it over. There are no scheduling conflicts, you do not have to juggle your busy schedule or wait weeks for a reading. Readings through an email consultation are sent to you usually within 24-48 hours after you send your payment (depending on availability).

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Elizabeth Commandeur 


​​​​​​Psychic Medium in Edmonton, AB, Canada


Available to provide Private or Group Readings at your special event in the Edmonton Area. Please contact Elizabeth to discuss pricing and all other additional information. Email: 

"I was amazed to find Elizabeth because I've been looking for someone like her, because I am not able to leave my farm. I have contacted my family who have passed through Elizabeth and gave me the most wonderful news about my grandchildren, children and the rest of my family and God bless her."

~ Rosario Corona - Rural Alberta

In Person Readings for Groups,

Parties & Special Events:

Birthday Parties

Bridal Showers/ Stagettes

Holiday Parties

Business Parties

Girl's Night​

Private Readings:

1 Question - Email Consultation: 

~ $100

2 Questions - Email Consultation: 

~ $150

3 Questions - Email Consultation: 

~ $200

Dream Analysis - Email Consultation:

~ $150